fmlr: Fused Matrix Library for R

'fmlr' is an R interface to the 'fml' library. It is a "medium-level" interface for multiple dense matrix types, principally CPU, GPU, and MPI. Each supports multiple fundamental types (int, float, double), and data is held externally to R and operations that modify data generally occur in-place. The interface largely tracks with the core 'fml' interface. The interface is written such that generally an 'fmlr' R code can be easily translated to an 'fml' C++ code.

Source: fmlr_0.4-0.tar.gz    Archive

Author Drew Schmidt [aut, cre]
Maintainer Drew Schmidt <>
Version 0.4-0
License BSL-1.0
Depends R (>= 3.6.0), float (>= 0.2-4)
Imports R6 (>= 2.4.1)
SystemRequirements C++14, GNU make
Compiled? yes