Last updated 2/22/2020.


  1. HPCRAN is for stable releases of "publication quality" packages.
  2. You must login with your GitHub account and authenticate the OAuth app.
  3. Your GitHub account must be manually approved to upload packages. If you are interested in publishing packages on hpcran, please contact the administrator.
  4. At least one verified email address on your GitHub account must match the maintainer email in package submission.
  5. Packages should generally be HPC-related in some way. Non-HPC packages might be better suited for distribution on the CRAN or Bioconductor.


  1. You do not have to ask permission to upload a package once your account is approved. Simply upload it.
  2. Uploads should be sources packages that have been built with R CMD build, and as such should be valid .tar.gz source files.
  3. Packages should be no more than 10MB in size. I hope to increase this limit eventually, but right now storage is at a premium.
  4. You can set tags for your package with the HPCRAN field in your package DESCRIPTION.
  5. There are no automated checks, and the usual CRAN checks may be too stringent for some HPC packages. That said, please try to satisfy as many CRAN check requirements as you can, as most of them are good.


  1. The updated package version must be greater than the previously published version.
  2. Your verified GitHub email address must match the maintainer email address in the previously published package.
  3. The maintainer email address in the package update must match the maintainer email address in the previously published version of the package.
  4. If you need to change your maintainer email address on your package(s), please contact the administrator.


  1. Packages should be licensed under an OSI approved open source license.
  2. Packages should not violate anyone's intellectual property rights.
  3. Code and documentation should respect copyrights and trademarks.
  4. Packages should not do anything malicious or anti-social.


Rules that can be automatically checked will be, and those violations will lead to an error in the upload process. In that case, simply fix the error and try again. Anti-social violation/circumventing of the rules may result in a ban from uploading packages to hpcran.

Contact: wrathematics at gmail.